Design used as a resource in the increase in value of goods and cultures: project design and competitive integration in the Estrada Real territory, Brazil (Phase II)

Claudio Germak, Dijon de Moraes, Luigi Bistagnino, Paulo Miranda


The study presented here aims to demonstrate the advances of the in fieri Project: Design and Competitive Integration in the Estrada Real Territory (PER), in the context of material, immaterial and historical culture, in a route corresponding to eight cities of the Estrada Real (ER) in the region of Minas Gerais - Brazil. Through the research partnership between the Design School of UEMG and Politecnico di Torino, we saw the need, continuing as a second phase of this project, to define effective actions, through out the breadth and scope of design, which should be able to articulate and enhance the development of the territory in question, having as basis the increase in value of the local identity and culture, in pursuit of socioeconomic and environmental balance. This research involves the opportune participation of students and teachers from both Athenaeums, in a design action that also includes the insertion and distribution of territorial marketing in the Estrada Real through the following pilot localities: São Brás do Suaçuí, Entre Rios de Minas, Casa Grande, Lagoa Dourada, Resende Costa, Coronel Xavier Chaves, Pratos and Bichinho. Actions aimed at the increase in value of local products and services have been established through the recognition of the territorial potential and skills, as well as through the communication relationship between these means and the investigated context, in order to strengthen and propose new systems of production and services that respect the regional vocation and establish creative and innovative cooperation networks of sustainable emphasis. In this second phase of the research, we show the results of the project alternatives that were generated, analyzed, improved and developed by the Italian-Brazilian work team (POLITOUEMG), in which we prospect possible project issues, such as: information networks, sustainable handicrafts, local nature, typography with regional icons, mapping of local cultural events, merchandising products for hotels and restaurants, local music and melodies (ER Net, Eco-art Zoo, Zoom in on Nature, (Re)Write, Calendar, Info-tools for food and table, Book of Musical Traditions). We emphasize that all concepts to be developed focus on the interface “territory, sustainability and design” ands eek to contribute, in an original and innovative way, with the many actions inherent to the Estrada Real territory.

Key words: design and local increase in value, territorial culture, meta-project and eco-museum, sustainable development.

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