Vol 10, No 3 (2015)


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Freshwater sponges from the Pampa Biome, Brazil, with description of a new species of Oncosclera PDF
Maria da Conceição Tavares-Frigo, Cecília Volkmer-Ribeiro, Ana Elenice Zanini de Oliveira, Vanessa de Souza Machado 110-122
Distribution patterns inference of the family Veneridae (Mollusca, Bivalvia) in Brazil through secondary database PDF (Português (Brasil))
Valesca Paula Rocha, Helena Matthews-Cascon 123-131
Avifauna structure in a forest remnant in the North of the State of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil PDF (Português (Brasil))
Mario Arthur Favretto 132-142
Variation of composition and structure of the fish fauna in three rivers with and without influence of dams in southern Brazil PDF (Português (Brasil))
Alice Hirschmann 143-151
Rooting of cuttings of Miconia (Melastomataceae): Alternative to produce seedlings for ecological restoration PDF (Português (Brasil))
Simone Rodrigues de Sousa, Lidiamar Barbosa de Albuquerque, Aline Cristina de Sousa, Barbara Silva Pachêco, Juaci Malaquias, Fabiana de Gois Aquino 152-158
Growth and performance of rupestrian grasslands native species in quartzitic degraded areas PDF (Português (Brasil))
Vanessa Matos Gomes, Daniel Negreiros, Vanessa Carvalho, G. Wilson Fernandes 159-168

Short Communication

First record of the Yellowish Pipit in Acre with notes on other grassland birds in southwestern Amazônia PDF
Edson Guilherme, Robson Esteves Czaban 169-176
Establishment of non-native predator (Pisces, Erythrinidae) in a tributary of the Upper Paraná River basin, south Brazil PDF
Diego Azevedo Zoccal Garcia, Marina Carmona Hernandes, Ângela Teresa Silva-Souza, Mário Luís Orsi 177-181
Are breeding sites a limiting factor for the Tandilean redbelly toad (Bufonidae) in pampean highland grasslands? PDF
Agustina Cortelezzi, Igor Berkunsky, María Verónica Simoy, Rosana Cepeda, Claudia Marinelli, Federico P. Kacoliris 182-186

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