Determination of the effects of two feed supplements on Drosophila melanogaster

Sibele Marques Bolson, Rodrigo Paidano Alves, Filipe de Carvalho Victoria, Kaenara Gomes Munhoz, Jeferson Luis Franco, Antonoio Batista Pereira, Margéli Pereira de Albuquerque


Pleurotus spp. are considered extremely rich mushroom species from the nutritional pointof view, providing immune-enhancement effects when consumed. However, few mushroomshave been tested for their phenotypic and genotypic responses in animal modelsto ensure the proper dosage for their use. This study aimed to evaluate the effects of twomushroom species on the reproductive capacity of Drosophila melanogaster. Pleurotuscitrinopileatus Singer and Lentinus sajor-caju (Fr.) Fr. were provided separately, in specificconcentrations, as feed supplements to the fruit flies. The total numbers of developedlarvae, pupae, and adults were then measured for each treatment. Inter simple sequencerepeats marker analysis was carried out to infer genotypic changes in the mushroom-fedflies. Our results suggest that Pleurotus spp. can cause positive changes to the flies’ reproductivecapacity, since Pleurotus citrinopileatus in particular accelerated the life cycle andrevealed a higher genetic dissimilarity of the diet-supplemented flies.

Keywords: fruitflies, reproductive fitness, edible mushrooms.

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