Novelty on the market, novelty in the environment: The invasion of non-native fish jaguar guapote (Perciformes) in northeastern Brazil

Elton José França, Carolina Alves Collier de Almeida, Miguel Santana de Almeida Neto, Rangel Eduardo Santos, André Lincoln Barroso Magalhães, Ana Carla Asfora El-Deir, William Severi


In Brazil, more than 150 non-native fish species have been introduced either intentionally or unintentionally, mainly due to aquaculture, fishery improvement and ornamental trade. The non-native jaguar guapote Parachromis managuensis was recorded in two artificial ponds, four rivers, one stream and two reservoirs, ecosystems belonging to the Una, Ipojuca, Capibaribe and Pajeú River basins, Pernambuco, northeastern Brazil. The sampling period was between October 2006 and July 2015. A total of 376 individuals of P. managuensis was captured by seines, casting nets and gillnets. This species may have been introduced in the study sites by accidental release during pond drainage in fish farms, stocking for the purpose of animal protein production or by aquarium dumping. The presence of various ontogenetic life stages in all studied environments is a strong evidence that the species is established. Seven management actions are proposed to prevent further introductions of P. managuensis in other environments of the region.

Keywords: exotic, bioinvasion, introduction, aquarism, freshwater fish.

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