Use of medicinal plants in a rural community of the Atlantic Forest – Nova Rússia, SC

Ana Lúcia Bertarello Zeni, Fábio Bosio


The use of plants for therapeutic purposes is very ancient, but the use of this knowledge is expanding today, as it was realized that many of these plants have a scientifically proven biological action, and the exploitation of natural environments by traditional peoples without causing major impacts can also help us to develop conservation and management actions at the same time. In order to organize an ethnobotanical survey of medicinal plants, 48 interviews were conducted with residents of the community of Nova Rússia, located in a rural area of Blumenau, Santa Catarina, Brazil, in an Atlantic Forest region and the environs of Parque Nacional da Serra do Itajaí, fomerly called Parque das Nascentes. 109 plant species belonging to 50 families and 94 genera were collected, stored and identified. The survey included the search for information about these plants and their popular medicinal uses.

Key words: medicinal plants, ethnobotany, Atlantic Forest, popular knowledge.


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