Proposal of an architecture for sensor networks monitoring in Open Access Metropolitan Area Networks

Rodrigo Aparecido Morbach, Gean Davis Breda, Leonardo de Souza Mendes


Sensor networks have been used in a wide range of applications. In Digital Cities they play an important role in gathering real-time data in urban scale. However, the heterogeneous and complex technologies applied in such applications make it difficult to monitor and manage different sensor networks, and also prevents the interoperation between systems. Thus, this paper presents a proposal of a novel architecture based on service orientation for homogeneous interoperation among sensor networks used in a Digital City scenario. Based on the outlined architectural model, a case study took place in a Brazilian operational Digital City in the state of São Paulo. The objective of the study is to demonstrate that architecture can be used for monitoring heterogeneous environments in a unified way, promoting datasharing and interoperability.

Keywords: Service-oriented architectures, Open Access Metropolitan Area Networks, ZigBee, sensor networks.

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