A situation-aware ubiquitous approach for assessing therapeutic goals in hospital environment

João Lopes, Alexandre Souza, Denis Moura Junior, Rodrigo Souza, Ana Pernas, Adenauer Yamin, Cláudio Geyer


The medication therapy process i n the hospital environment is complex and error prone. We consider that the use of technology can automate the verification of this process, reducing the number of errors during the treatment. Thus, this work proposes a software architecture aimed to provide the patient’s current situation awareness, called EXEHDA-TG. As a central contribution, this work provides the monitoring of the patient’s vital signs, allowing the physician to confirm that the desired effect with the administration of medications is being reached. In the developed architecture, this effect desired by physicians in vital parameters is called Therapeutic Goal (TG). The evaluation of EXEHDA-TG was taken through three usage scenarios. The results have been satisfactory in the analysis of the evolution of vital signs.

Keywords: ubiquitous computing, situation awareness, therapeutic goal.

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