Vol 19, No 3 (2018)


Table of Contents

Presentation PDF
Adriano Naves de Brito, Denis Coitinho 177-178


Is Gilberto Gomes really a compatibilist? PDF (Português (Brasil))
Marcelo Fischborn 179-188
Considerations on the paradox of perception in Bergson PDF (Português (Brasil))
Paulo César Rodrigues 189-200
Citizenry incompetence and the epistemic structure of society PDF
Leandro De Brasi 201-212
The “Non-atheistic-thesis-of-Cartesian-metaphysics” PDF
Rodrigo Alfonso González 213-222
Grice on rationality PDF
Kariel Antonio Giarolo 223-234

Philosophy South

Philosophical issues related to risks and values PDF
Renato Rodrigues Kinouchi 235-240


Philosophy and the Cognitive Science of Religion PDF
José Eduardo Porcher, Daniel De Luca-Noronha 241-243
Twenty-five years in: Landmark empirical findings in the cognitive science of religion PDF
Robert N. McCauley 244-262
Evolutionary theory on the move: New perspectives on evolution in the cognitive science of religion PDF
István Czachesz 263-271
The cognitive science of religion: Implications for morality PDF
John Teehan 272-281
Sorting through, and sorting out, anthropomorphism in CSR PDF
K. Mitch Hodge 282-293
Debunking and fully apt belief PDF
Joshua C. Thurow 294-301
Predictive coding and religious belief PDF
Hans Van Eyghen 302-310
Davidsonian semantic theory and cognitive science of religion PDF
Mark Quentin Gardiner, Steven Engler 311-321
Shared rituals and religious beliefs PDF
Daniel De Luca-Noronha 322-328
The acquisition of religious belief and the attribution of delusion PDF
José Eduardo Porcher 329-339

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