Vol 19, No 1 (2018)


Table of Contents

Presentation PDF
Adriano Naves de Brito 1-2


Against the “non-sensory” view of affective valence PDF
José M. Araya 3-10
Arguing about the world’s cardinality: Priority, existence, and metaphysical necessity PDF
Sebastián Briceño 11-22
Emergence of meaning, signals and the concept of consciousness PDF
Esteban Céspedes 23-32
Two views on political lesser evil PDF
Francisco Garcia Gibson 33-40

Philosophy South

Imagination, narrativity and embodied cognition: Exploring the possibilities of Paul Ricoeur’s hermeneutical phenomenology for enactivism PDF
Geoffrey Dierckxsens 41-49


The philosophy of episodic memory and moral agency PDF
Eduardo Vicentini de Medeiros 50-51
Mental time travel and the philosophy of memory PDF
André Sant'Anna 52-62
On the philosophical foundations of episodic memory as awareness of past events PDF
Nara M. Figueiredo 63-71
Mental time travel: Towards a computational account PDF
César Fernando Meurer 72-80
Situating mental time travel in the broad context of temporal cognition: A neural systems approach PDF
Fabiana Mesquita Carvalho 81-88
Does moral responsibility require mental time travel? Considerations about guidance control PDF
Beatriz Sorrentino Marques 89-96
Undoing one’s past PDF
Eduardo Vicentini de Medeiros 97-102

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