Vol 17, No 3 (2016)


Table of Contents

Presentation PDF
Adriano Naves de Brito 247


The assessment of changing in mathematical ends in Maddy’s philosophy PDF
César Frederico dos Santos 248-262
The Davidson – Meredith Williams discussion on the sociality of language and normativity PDF (Español)
Ricardo Joaquín Navia 263-270
Classification, community and sovereignty: Beyond the individualistic foundation of animals’ rights PDF (Español)
Hernán Neira 271-282
General rules and the normative dimension of belief in Hume’s epistemology PDF
Ruth Marcela Espinosa 283-290
Determinism, regularity and contingency: Thomas Aquinas and the assimilation of Aristotelianism regarding the autonomous order of nature PDF (Español)
Ana Maria Carmen Minecan 291-301

Philosophy South

Necessary truths, evidence, and knowledge PDF
Artūrs Logins 302-307
We can’t have no satisfaction PDF
Teresa Marques 308-314
Somewhere over the... what? PDF
Alessio Gava 315-319
Redefining (Katz’s) natural languages PDF
Ana Clara Polakof 320-325
The human will debate between western and Yoruba philosophical traditions PDF
Olanrewaju Abdul Shitta-Bey 326-332
Playing with Philosophical Puzzles: What Happens when Legal and Moral Norms face Jørgensen’s Dilemma PDF
Juliele Maria Sievers 333-337
The truth-functional hypothesis does not imply the liar’s paradox PDF
Matheus Martins Silva 338-339
Issues for Lowe’s dualist view on agents PDF
Beatriz Sorrentino Marques 340-345


Um dossiê sobre aprimoramento humano: introdução PDF (Português (Brasil))
Marcelo de Araujo 346-351
Aprimoramento humano: entre equívocos e desafios PDF (Português (Brasil))
Maria Clara Dias 352-360
Welfarist approaches to health and human enhancement: Why do treatments matter the most? PDF (Português (Brasil))
Marco Antonio Azevedo 361-373
Redesigning human nature: Moral bioenhancement and the quest for the resolution of political conflicts PDF (Português (Brasil))
Marcelo de Araujo 374-383
Moral enhancement and neuroethics: A review of the neuroscientific literature on the neural mechanisms of altruism PDF (Português (Brasil))
Cinara Nahra 384-389

Book reviews

An up-to-date introduction to Leibniz PDF (Português (Brasil))
César Schirmer dos Santos 390-391

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