Vol 15, No 3 (2014)


Table of Contents


Practical embodied cognition as a constructive process: Towards a more complex idea of the world by acting on it PDF
Carlos Adriano Ferraz 161-172
What is the elimination of a(n) (ir)relevant alternative? PDF (Português (Brasil))
Emerson Carlos Valcarenghi 173-197
Moods and the ante-predicative foundation of propositional truth in Martin Heidegger (1929-1930) PDF (Español)
Esteban Lythgoe 198-209
Paul Ricoeur: Metaphor and metaphysics PDF (Português (Brasil))
Rosa Maria Filippozzi Martini 210-225
The spirit of atheism in Locke PDF (Português (Brasil))
Antônio Carlos dos Santos 226-236
Body and space. Reflections on a topology of exteriority PDF (Español)
Ricardo Espinoza Lolas, Paula Ascorra, Patricio Landaeta, Pamela Soto 237-248
The relevance and the meaning of the principle of publicity for a democratic political representation: Reflections based on Kant and Condorcet PDF (Português (Brasil))
Cristina Foroni Consani, Joel Thiago Klein 249-262
On the naturalization of Fregean senses PDF
Nélida Gentile 263-270

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