Vol 14, No 1 (2013)


Table of Contents

Editorial PDF
Alfredo Culleton 1


Idealistic identity and dialectical Mimesis in Adorno’s negative aesthetics PDF
Antonio Gutiérrez Pozo 2-17
Intentionality and Background: Searle and Dreyfus against Classical AI Theory PDF
Teodor Negru 18-34
Moral responsibility after neuroscience PDF
Lincoln Frias 35-44
Towards an objectless ontology: A defence of ontic structural realism at the methodological level PDF (Español)
Bruno José Borge 45-51
Deontic logic and adaptive algorithms: The relevance of explicit benefit in versions of the selection task PDF (Español)
Miguel López Astorga 52-69
The false choice between renaturalization and hypertechnification PDF (Português (Brasil))
Celso Reni Braida 70-83
Manipulate or inhabit? Merleau-Ponty and the paradox of science PDF (Português (Brasil))
Claudinei Aparecido Freitas Silva 84-99

Book reviews

Fazendo e desfazendo direitos humanos by David Sánchez Rubio PDF (Português (Brasil))
Roberto Galvão Faleiros Júnior 100-104
Aristotle’s Concept of Chance by John Dudley PDF (Português (Brasil))
João Hobuss 105-111

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