Vol 12, No 1 (2011)


Table of Contents

Presentation PDF
Alfredo Culleton 1


Excess, absence and disappointment of significations: An ethical and semantic reflection on a traumatic event in Argentine history PDF (Português (Brasil))
Julio Cabrera 2-19
The ideal of natural order and the explanatory purpose of the Theory of Natural Selection PDF (Español)
Gustavo Caponi 20-37
Judgment in contemporary aesthetic experience PDF (Português (Brasil))
Bernardo Barros Coelho de Oliveira 38-47
The question of reason as a criterion of distinction between man and animal PDF (Português (Brasil))
José Claudio Morelli Matos 48-55
Berkeley and Mandeville: Religion and morality PDF (Português (Brasil))
Antonio Carlos dos Santos 56-69
The syllogism of Hegelian property and of C.B. Macpherson’s possessive individualism PDF (Português (Brasil))
Agemir Bavaresco 70-86

Book reviews

De Hitchcock a Greenaway, pela história da filosofia by Julio Cabrera PDF (Português (Brasil))
Leonardo Marques Kussler 87-89
Transformação da teoria crítica by Bento Borges PDF (Español)
Ricardo Joaquín Navia 90-93
O fetiche dos Direitos Humanos e outros temas de Vicente by Paulo Barretto PDF (Português (Brasil))
Leonardo de Camargo Subtil 94-96

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