Vol 11, No 3 (2010)


Table of Contents

Presentation PDF (Português (Brasil))
Alfredo Culleton 203


Aristotle on pre-Platonic theories of sense-perception and knowledge PDF
Luis Andrés Bredlow 204-224
“Lizard-things”: Semantical and ontological issues in Heidegger’s hermeneutic of living nature PDF (Português (Brasil))
Róbson Ramos dos Reis 225-243
Does the end justify the means? Some considerations on the neutral moral action PDF (Español)
José Luis Widow 244-260
Transcendent and Immanent Eternity in Anselm’s Monologion PDF
Lesley-Anne Dyer 261-286
Sovereignty and the delegitimization of democracy PDF (Português (Brasil))
Douglas Ferreira Barros 287-297
Eternal Evangel: The condemned hermeneutics PDF (Português (Brasil))
Noeli Dutra Rossatto, Leila Teresinha Maraschin, Cláudio Reichert do Nascimento 298-339

Book reviews

The sins of the nation and the ritual of apologies by Danielle Celermajer PDF (Português (Brasil))
César Schirmer dos Santos 340-342
A constitution of many minds: Why the founding document doesn’t mean what it meant before by Cass Sunstein PDF (Português (Brasil))
Cristina Foroni Consani 343-347
Freedom, determinism, and causality by Elliott Sober PDF (Português (Brasil))
Rodrigo Cid 348-350
Deleuze, a arte e a filosofia by Roberto Machado PDF (Português (Brasil))
Ana Helena Amarante 351-352

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