Vol 10, No 1 (2009)


Table of Contents

Presentation PDF (Português (Brasil))
Alfredo Culleton 3-4


Subsequent Healing: The banality of evil and the ethics of thinking in Hannah Arendt PDF (Português (Brasil))
Adilson Silva Ferraz 5-14
The Hegelian concept of freedom as being with oneself in one’s other PDF (Português (Brasil))
Cesar Augusto Ramos 15-27
Aesthetics and ethics in Kant PDF (Português (Brasil))
Luis Satie 28-36
The cogito of Descartes as an extreme resumption of “know thyself” PDF (Português (Brasil))
Miguel Spinelli 37-56
Metaphysics of the irrational. Radical evil in Schelling and Schopenhauer PDF (Português (Brasil))
Jair Barboza 57-64
The role of public reason in Rawls’s theory of justice PDF (Português (Brasil))
Denis Coitinho Silveira 65-78
Accords and discords between Bergson and Proust PDF (Português (Brasil))
Regina Rossetti 79-91
Democracy in your face PDF (Español)
Ricardo Sanín Restrepo 92-115

Book reviews

Política o destino: cuestiones estratégicas en tiempos de crisis de Del Percio PDF (Português (Brasil))
Agustín Colombo 116-117
O cinema pensa de Julio Cabrera PDF (Português (Brasil))
Sergio Portella, Leonardo Kussler 118-120

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