Vol 12, No 2 (2018)


Table of Contents


Lycopene: effect of the heat treatment in the chemical structure and bioavailability PDF (Português (Brasil))
Suzan Almeida Freda, Márcia de Mello Luvielmo, Josiane Kuhn Rutza, Rui Carlos Zambiazia 1-23
Analysis of vibration levels in users of urban trains PDF
Mário Fedatto Neto, Herbert Martins Gomes 24-44
Characterization of residues generated in the harvest and processing of pomiculture for energy purposes in polydispersed fluidized beds PDF (Português (Brasil))
Vitoria Sgorla da Silva, Leandro Gomes, Fabiano Simões, Paulo Eichler, Guilherme de Souza, Flavia Zinani, Fernando Santos 45-67
Laminated polyester composite plates, jute fabric and wood residues PDF (Português (Brasil))
Reuel Rocha dos Santos, Maurício Maia Ribeiro, Roberto Tetsuo Fujiyama, César T. N. M. Branco 68-77
Extraction and application of orange peel essential oil as a natural ingredient PDF (Português (Brasil))
Andressa Neuhaus Ferronatto, Rochele Cassanta Rossi 78-93

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