Vol 7, No 2 (2011)


Table of Contents


Initial assessment of a new approach for laser: tandem GMA welding PDF
Ruham Pablo Reis, John Norrish, Dominic Cuiuri 71-85
Use of the WTP and STP as an alternative material for landfill cover PDF (Português (Brasil))
Armando Borges de Castilhos Junior, Elivete Carmem Clemente Prim, Francisco José Guedes Pimentel 86-97
Conventional concrete with addition of recycled rubber tires: Study of the mechanical properties PDF (Português (Brasil))
Emerson Verzegnassi, Rosa Cristina Cecche Lintz, Luisa Andréia Gachet Barbosa, Ana Elisabete P.G. de Avila Jacintho 98-108
Solid wastes of health services: diagnosis and guidelines for hospital management PDF (Português (Brasil))
Atílio Tramontini, Adalberto Pandolfo, Renata Reinehr, Rosa Maria Locatelli Kalil, Jalusa Guimarães, Carla Raquel Dall’Agnese Reolon de Oliveira 109-141
Collaborators perception of the risks and dangerous in the operations carried out in the foundry sector PDF (Português (Brasil))
Alexandre Bruzzo Klassmann, Feliciane Andrade Brehm, Carlos Alberto Mendes Moraes 142-162
Utilization of compounds derived from biomass for solution of the industrial problems of the biofuels section PDF (Português (Brasil))
Layane Layane Rodrigues de Almeida, Ángel Alberto Hidalgo, Maria Letícia Vega, Maria Alexsandra de Sousa Rios 163-176

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