A numerical study of the influence of radiation on turbulence in a 2D axisymmetric turbulent flame

Felipe Roman Centeno, Elizaldo Domingues dos Santos, Cristiano Vitorino da Silva, Francis Henrique Ramos França


This paper presents a study of the influence of thermal radiation on turbulence in the simulation of a turbulent, non-premixed methane-air flame. In such a problem, two aspects need to be considered for a precise evaluation of the thermal radiation: the turbulence-radiation interactions (TRI), and the radiative properties of the participating species, which are treated here with the weighted-sum-of-gray-gases (WSGG) model based on recently obtained correlations from HITEMP2010 database. The chemical reactions rates were considered as the minimum values between the Arrhenius and Eddy Break-Up rates. A twostep global reaction mechanism was employed, while the turbulence modeling was considered via standard k–ε model. The source terms of the energy equation consisted of the heat generated in the chemical reaction rates as well as in the radiation exchanges. The discrete ordinates method (DOM) was employed to solve the radiative transfer equation (RTE), including the TRI. Comparisons of simulations with/without radiation demonstrated that radiation influenced turbulent-properties (root mean square of velocity and temperature fluctuations, and turbulent kinetic energy of the velocity fluctuations). Radiation smoothed turbulent-properties fields. The influence of radiation was more important on the temperature fluctuations than on the velocity fluctuations.

Keywords: thermal radiation, turbulence, TRI, CFD, non-premixed flame.

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