Analysis and validation of the transient heat transfer model in an evacuated tube solar collector

Rejane De Césaro Oliveski, Tiago Alexandre Vescovi Ferreira, Tiago Francisco Manea


This work presents an analysis and a validation of the transient heat transfer model inevacuated tube solar collectors proposed by Li et al. (2010). Characteristics of liquid heating, solar collector systems operation and construction are presented. With the physical and mathematical models that represent the system in question, it is possible to validate the heat transfer equation by numerical simulation using the Fortran programming language. Numerical results are presented for two cases, with operational and dimensional characteristics of different vacuum tubes. It is also presented a change to the coefficient between the absorption area and the total area of the vacuum tubes, which results in a reduction in the average deviation between the numerical and experimental solutions.

Keywords: solar energy, evacuated tubes, natural convection, radiation.

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