Reuse of waste rubber in blends with polystyrene

Carlos Bruno Barreto Luna, Divânia Ferreira Silva, Edcleide Maria Araújo


Polymer blends are a physical mixtureof two or more polymers to form a new polymer with desired properties. The aim of this work is to produce polymer blends from a matrix of polystyrene with recycled rubber waste in order to obtainin creased mechanical properties such as impact resistance and flexural strength compared with polystyrene. Rubber waste from footwear industries was added to polystyrene seeking its toughening. The blends were characterized mechanically and a rheological study was carried out. The blends of polystyrene/recycled rubber composite were initially prepared in a corrotational twin screw extruder and subsequently the extruded granules were injection molded. The rheological study of these blends was carried out in an internal mixer coupled to a Haake-Blucher System 90 Torque Rheometer. Byrheological and impact strength tests it was seen that the higher the percentage of SBRr added the higher the torque and the impact resistance values of all the blends while flexural strength decreased. These results show a good perspective on the application of the industrial wastes since adverse effects on the environment can be reduced.

Keywords: polymer blends, reuse, waste rubber.

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