Porosity influence on the modulus of elasticity in a composite material focused on friction industry

Isis Michelena, Carlos Pérez Bergmann, Hazim Al-Qureshi


The propose of this work is to investigate the correlation between porosity and modulus of elasticity in friction materials, focusing on the influence of the amount and type of fiber used, in order to propose a mathematical model that correlates these two properties. The proposed model was developed based on the modified Law of Mixtures (Al-Qureshi, 1988) and includes the equations proposed by Spriggs (1961) and Kingery et al. (1976). A composite with a binder and a reinforcement element was analyzed to simplify the model. In order to use common materials in the friction industry the experiments have been carried out with phenolic resin as a matrix and two types of fiber as a reinforcement element: fiberglass and aramid fiber. The composites analyzed were separated in 2 groups according to the fiber used and the percentage of fiber was varied within these groups. Based on the experimental results, the use of the proposed model was verified, which demonstrated satisfactory results.

Key words: porosity, modulus of elasticity, friction materials.

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