Fermentation of cocoa meal by Aspergillus niger to obtain lipase

Graziella Marques Amorim, Tamires Carvalho dos Santos, Clissiane Soares Viana Pacheco, Isadora Monteiro Andrade Barreto, Denise Maria Guimarães Freire, Marcelo Franco


The aim of this study was to use cocoameal as substrate for obtaining fungal lipase producedby solid state fermentation by Aspergillus niger.The spore concentration used was 107 spores/gsubstrate. Fermentations were conducted in a bacteriologicalincubator at 35°C with an initial moisturecontent of 60% and the fermentation time was 96hours. The determination of enzyme activity, pH,water activity and moisture were taken every 24hours. The higher enzyme activity was quantifi ed11.67 U/g aft er 48 hours of fermentation. Aft er thistime there was reduction in enzyme production.The moisture content and water activity decreasedduring the fermentation process and the pH remainedconstant.

Key words: water activity, fermentation time, solidstatefermentation.

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