Simulação numérica e DOE aplicados na melhoria do processo de fundição sob pressão de ligas de alumínio

Guilherme Ourique Verran, Rui Patrick Konrad Mendes


The influence of the injection parameters, such as speed in the first and second phases and upset pressure over the quality of die casting parts in 305 aluminum alloy were studied. Initially, it was performed simulations using a commercial numeric applicative (MAGMAsoftÒ) in order to enable the evaluation of their influence on the occurrence of foundry defects, such as porosities and cold shuts. Afterwards, it was performed a design of experiences using several combinations between the three injection parameters studied in order to enable the evaluation of its influence regarding to the quality of the casting product. In view of the obtained results, analyses were performed through numeric simulations of the die casting process, using the injection parameters for which the best and the worst results were obtained concerning the presence of porosities and cold shuts. The comparison between experimental results and the information obtained through the analyses of the performed simulations show a good convergence, regarding the trend to porosity and cold shuts occurrence as a function of the variations on the injection parameters.

Key words: die casting, simulation, aluminum alloys, defects.


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