Diagnóstico de gestão otimizada do sistema de resíduos sólidos domésticos e comerciais do município de Taquara – RS

Roberto Naime, Paulo Roberto de Aguiar Von Mengden


In the present work the institutional disposition and the operational practices on commercial and household solid waste from the city of Taquara, RS, are studied by gathering pertinent information about public sector, which describes the process, and about performance of other social characters involved in this matter, especially the waste collectors. Based on the records and available information at the City Hall of Taquara related to the years of 2004 and 2005, the amount of household and commercial waste generated, collected and sent to its final destiny was established by calculating the economical potential of the recycling material contained in the total waste, based on the prices practiced in the local trade in March 2006. The result of the research indicates a monthly average generation of 550 t of waste from 100 t, which are potentially recyclable material. The economical value of this material based on the prices practiced in the city in March of 2006 reaches R$ 14.000,00 per month. From the interpretation of these data under a managing, economical, and environmental view, the work proposes to optimize the recycling, the improvement of work conditions and an increasing in the waste collectors’ income, in addition to the adjustment between public practices and the respective legislation with lower costs for the public administration.

Key words: solid waste, economic value, optimize.

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