Recuperação de estanho e cobre a partir da reciclagem de placas de circuito eletrônico de microcomputadores sucatados

Afonso Henriques Martins


This paper presents the preliminary experimental results for leaching of printed circuit boards from obsolete microcomputers aiming at extraction and recovery of tin and copper by precipitation. Printed circuit boards were dissembled, cut off in small pieces and fed into a cylinder mill. The powder obtained was leached using aqueous solutions 2,18N H2SO4, 2,18N H2SO4+3,0N HCl, 3,0N HCl or 3,0N HCl+1,0N HNO3. The lowest values for percent of extraction were obtained for the 2,18N H2SO4 (2.7% Sn and lower than 0,01% Cu). Meanwhile, the leach system 3,0N HCl+1,0N HNO3 exhibited 98% Sn and 93% Cu extraction. Precipitates were obtained at different pH values by neutralization of the leach liquors using NaOH. The leach system 3,0N HCl+1,0N HNO3 presented the highest recovery values from the powder feed (84.1% Sn and 31.9% Cu) and from the leach liquor (85.8% Sn and 34.3% Cu).

Key words: tin, copper, recycling.


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