Evaluation of social conditions of the workers of the sanitary landfill from Cuiabá, MT

Roberto Naime, Eduardo Figueiredo Abreu, James Nassarden de Abreu


This paper presents a study on the Implementation of the Technical Investigation Unit of the Environmental Recycling Waste Sanitary Landfill in the Cuiabá-MT. The landfill devices are essential and integral part of any model of urban waste management. The study was conducted doing literature review, and collecting data through interviews based on a questionnaire among employees of the Central Screening of the Waste Sanitary Landfill of Cuiabá. This means that the workers are exposed to unacceptable risks to separate the waste that can be recycled, because of the mixed waste, organic matter along with materials cutting and pieces of glass with aluminum or PET bottles. The paper concludes by the need to enlarge individual protection in terms of security of employment and deploy forms and technologically appropriate ways to avoid the risks to which they are exposed workers of the cooperative. The deployment of systems for selective collection, even by neighborhoods, starting with the neighborhoods of elite that has the greatest amount of solid waste or dry recyclable solid waste and those intended only for the activity of sorting, greatly reduce the risks of accidents and the much increasing results achieved by the cooperative, much improving the income and quality of life of all these people involved in these processes. This simple reasoning must be exercised by all actors connected to the process, and there are no reasons of any other nature that may overlap the improvement of quality of life, not only of workers but of all because the selective collection, though partial in the city of Cuiabá, very contribute to the environmental education of the whole population and the economy, natural resources, to the extent that increase the amount of waste recycled.

Key words: skill, recycling, solid wastes.

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