Classification of Graduate Programs in Engineering III: A discriminant analysis of strata

Guilherme Luís Roehe Vaccaro, Alexandre Costa da Silva, Cleber Giovani Pereira, Moisés Panatier Oliveira


This paper applies a discriminant analysis aiming to identify significant macroscopic factors for the classification of Graduate Programs (PPG) in Engineering III. The main question is whether it is possible to infer, based on macroscopic indicators, the rating given by CAPES. Discriminant analysis was used to support this discussion. The factors considered were: time of existence, number of permanent researchers, number of theses and dissertations, and number of publications. The study was based on data from the three-year period 2004-2006, latest official data provided by CAPES. The results are supported by the positive predictive ability of discriminant functions obtained, characterizing alignment and effectiveness of induction policies from CAPES. The results may help to scale actions for the qualification of PPG under the scheme evaluation induced by CAPES.

Key words: evaluation system, CAPES, discriminant analysis.

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