Diagnosis of solid waste management in the town of Portão (Rio Grande do Sul State, Brazil)

Roberto Naime, Karin Luise dos Santos, Cristiane H. Barbisan


A diagnosis of the current situation of solid waste management in the town of Portão was done evaluating the metropolitan area of Porto Alegre in the state of Rio Grande do Sul situated in the basin of Sinos river. Initially, general observations about household solid waste were carried out and also specific situations in the town of Portão were contextualized. The work methodology was based on field inspection at the plant in the town and sorting data collection and information from the municipal of Portão and Recyclers Association which operates on the site. In the town of Portão, around 350 tonnes of solid home waste are produced every month with small quantity variations. The amount recycled varies from 50 to 60 tonnes per month, percentages varying from 15 to 18%, which can be considered high values since Portão does not have recycling collection which would facilitate the activities of sorting and make it less unhealthy the work conditions. The main items in this which are split into multiple roles, hard and soft plastics, scrap metal cans, scrap aluminum and nonferrous minerals and glass (large pieces or fragments). This ensures an average income of 2 minimum wages per member of the cooperative that operates in the recycling activity. The recycling activities enable a significant saving of raw materials, water and energy for reusing and also they are also relevant for social inclusion actions by offering job opportunities and income for environmental agents. The city hall does not have recycling collection but it maintains and supports the activities of the Recyclers Association.

Key words: waste, recycle, management.

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