Determination of the baseline and additionality of a project for CDM from the emission of using different fuels

Lucas Bischof Pian, Waldir Nagel Schirmer, Rafaelo Balbinot, Marins Danczuk


In many urban centers, bus and minibus usually are the main means of transport of the population, making public transport a potential source of emission of polluting and greenhouse gases. As it is well known that it is possible to estimate and compare the amount of pollutants emitted by such vehicles using alternative fuels, this study aims to estimate the less polluter fuel, taking as a parameter the main gases from their burning, considering diesel, biodiesel (100%) and natural gas, as well to determine the potential of Cascavel (assessed city) to elaborate a CDM project. To estimate the emission, it was used the methods "bottom-up" and mass balance, in order to compare the gaseous emissions found in the two methodologies. Among the fuel measured, which showed higher emissions it was the diesel, concerned to particulate matter, carbon dioxide and hydrocarbons. Regarding the CDM project, it was found a potential reduction of 8,000 t/CO2.year when one replaces the diesel by biodiesel. This work only represents an estimate of emissions, however already demonstrates the need to seek alternatives to the diesel use.

Key words: biodiesel, diesel, natural gas, clear development mechanism, collective transport.

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