Application of electronic noses in industries and in the odor management

Henrique de Melo Lisboa, Thierry Pagé, Christophe Guy


The electronic nose is especially useful where consistent odor emission quality or odor impact has to be maintained over long periods of time. This is a review article on the current uses of the electronic noses. This article presents diverse applications of the electronic noses as demonstrated by four case-studies: cases 1 and 2 - applications to the environment; case 3 - application to security; case 4: application to medicine. This article gives emphasis to the applications directed to the environment monitoring of odors or management of odors. The presented data strengthen the applications and the development of the electronic noses for the most diverse human activities, particularly in the domain of the protection of the environment and the quality of life.

Key words: electronic nose, odors, odor impact, environment.

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