Sugarcane bagasse: Source for the production of ligninocelullolytic enzymes

Cristiano Ragagnin de Menezes, Isis Serrano Silva, Lucia Regina Durrant


The production of ligninocelullolytic enzymes by Pleurotus ssp was evaluated by submerged fermentation on sugarcane bagasse. Among these enzymes, Laccase and Manganeseperoxidase have been detached. The most producer of Laccase were Pleurotus sp BCCB068, reaching activity of 6,23 U/L on the 15th day and Pleurotus sajor-caju, 3,52 U/L on the 10th day of cultivation. Manganese-peroxidase was detected in the medium with Pleurotus sp BCCB068 (31.56 U/L) on the 5th day and 23.58 U/L with Pleurotus tailandia on the 15th day of incubation. The production of celulollityc enzymes was not significative. These results showed that sugarcane bagasse residues are feasible source of ligninolytic enzymes and have applicability in the biotechnological field.

Key words: biodegradation, enzymes, recycling.


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