Coating processing: Coating systems

Daniele Domingues Dill, Andréia Pinheiro da Silva, Márcia de Mello Luvielmo


The coating technology allows to join value and to increase the shelf life of the products. The aggregation of value occurs by the yield’s increase that the process allows, the improvement of the appearance and by providing flavor diversification. The increase of validity period of raw meats submitted to the coating process is obtained mainly through the retardation of oxidation process and consequent rancidity appearance. The improvement of the coating process has been a great incentive for the professionals of the food industry, mainly with relationship to the choice and composition of the covering system, responsible for characteristics as: maintenance of flavor and taste, functionality, cost, coating thickness, texture, visual appeal and differentiation among the products. The objective of this review was to detail the breading process stages and the main coatings systems actually used.

Key words: meat, coating products, coating systems.

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