Effect of addiction of Nb, Mo, Cr and Ti on the microstructure of WC-6Co

Jose Roberto Savi, Wilson Corrêa Rodrigues, Vinícius Martins, Rodrigo Prestes Limberger, Lírio Schaeffer


Hard metals are a group of materials known as sintered composites involving hard phases (carbides) with a metallic phase, being widely used in applications where you want high hardness and wear resistance combined with high toughness. This article presents the results of adding 1% by weight of the elements Nb, Ti, Cr and Mo on the microstructure of the hard metal from a commercial composite of WC-6Co. In this composite was added 1.5% (by weight) of zinc stearate as lubricant and sintered at a temperature of 1450ºC in an atmosphere of argon. Aiming to analyze the product efficiency was held on micro structural characterization through the testing of green density, shrinkage, sintered density, microstructure and microhardness.

Key words: hard metal, carbide, balancing mass, powder metallurgy, sintering.

DOI: https://doi.org/10.4013/4625

ISSN: 1808-7310 - Best viewed in Mozilla Firefox

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