Assessment of the performance on the poultry industrial by-product effluent treatment by the electrocoagulation technique

Fernando Henrique Borba, Diego Ricieri Manenti, Aparecido Nivaldo Módenes, Nora Nora Díaz Mora, Fernando Rodolfo Espinoza-Quinõnes, Soraya Moreno Palácio, Patrícia Hissae Yassue, Rogério do Nascimento


In this work, an aluminum electrodes-based Electrocoagulation (EC) lab-scale system was applied for the treatment of poultry industry effluents containing a high load of lipids. As main physicochemical parameters of poultry effluent the chemical oxygen demand (COD), color and turbidity were used, assessing the performance of the EC based-treatment system. A 33 factorial experimental design was carried out for the optimization of the EC-reactor operating parameters (current density, electrolysis time, and initial pH) based on the COD and turbidity removal and decolourisation values. Under the EC experimental conditions of 43,9 A m-2 current density, 20 min electrolysis time, and 4 initial pH, the EC process has reached the highest efficiency, showing 98.4% COD reduction, 99.4% decolourisation and 97.6% turbidity reduction.

Key words: electrocoagulation, treatment effluent, factorial design, by-products of poultry processing industry.

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