Partial characterization alloy Nitinol® actuator through critical points of phase transformation using differential scanning calorimetry

Denis Denis Jardim Villarinho, Pedro Barrionuevo Roese, Carlos Ferreira, Lírio Schaeffer


In this work, it was studied a partial characterization of a Nitinol actuator M-type alloy, manufactured by Memory- Metalle. From the results obtained in differential scanning calorimetry, it was shown the temperatures of phase transformation where occur the remarkable properties, shape memory effect and super-elasticity. These temperatures will determine the alloy application in the product. The phase transformation temperatures are defined as As (austenite start), Af (austenite finished), Ms (martensite start) and Mf (martensite finished), which means beginning and end of austenite transformation and the beginning and end of the martensitic transformation.

Key words: shape memory alloy, characterization, differential scanning calorimeter.

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