Collaborators perception of the risks and dangerous in the operations carried out in the foundry sector

Alexandre Bruzzo Klassmann, Feliciane Andrade Brehm, Carlos Alberto Mendes Moraes


Foundry industries are classified on the risk level 4, according to Norm - NR 4. The working environment in the production area can be considered unsafe and there is risk of accidents. Therefore, this article presents part of an investigation carried out in the foundry sector of a metalmechanic industry. Raising awareness about the risks and dangers that operators are exposed in operations in their day to day and comparing with the results of a quantitative research in the records of the company (SESMT) in relation to accidents in the last three years. It was evidenced through the application of the GUT tool, which raised numbers are consistent with the perception of interviewed operators in relation to the potential risk of the sector.

Key words: foundry, safety, degree of risk, a regulatory provision, perception.

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