Diamond tools for wood processing

Jesum Alves Fernandes, Carlos Alberto Medeiros Casanova, Cleiton Rodrigues Teixeira, Naira Maria Balzaretti


The increase in productivity of the furniture industry requires high speed machining and cutting tools to support the high demands of the cutting process. Most of the cutting tools do not have appropriate characteristics and develop high wear on the wedge cut. The heterogeneous structure and irregular arrangement of fibers associated with highly abrasive characteristic of wood are the main factors for the occurrence of high wear. In solving these problems are frequently used cutting tools with coatings of high wear resistance. In this sense, the use of diamond films deposited by CVD (Chemical Vapor Deposition) is a high potential for success, as it combines high hardness, low coefficient of friction, high thermal conductivity and high chemical inertness. However, this type of tools is not yet used on an industrial scale mainly due to low adhesion between the film and the substrate. This study aims to evaluate cutting tools produced by deposition of diamond films on carbide (WC-Co) substrates with different process parameters (CVD). The evaluation of the tools produced by different deposition conditions has been implemented through systematic tests in turning operation of the Wood “itaúba”. In the same time was monitored the wear (Vbmáx) developed in the wedge-cut. The wear on diamond tools has been compared with the wear developed in a carbide tool, used as reference. The results of this study show the great potential of the use of diamond tools in the furniture industry.

Key words: cutting tools, diamond tools, machining of wood, deposition of diamond film in hard metal.

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