Estimate of the interval between the stops decoking in pyrolysis furnaces

Luciano Volcanoglo Biehl, Telmo Roberto Strohaecker, Paulo Henrique Sanchez Cardoso, Cleiton Rodrigues Teixeira


Tubes operating in the pyrolysis of organic substances suffer structural degradation resulting from carburizing mechanisms that, in general, take the failures of the tubes. The lifetime of the tubes that operate in the process ranges from 10,000 hours to 40,000 hours depending on the degree of carburizing suffered during pyrolysis. This work had as objective to estimate the time interval between stops of decoking, relating the following variables: carbon diffusion, temperature, ferromagnetism and microstructure formed. There was a correlation between the thickness of carburized and its magnetic field generated by the new intermetallic components. The results indicated that for pipes operating at a temperature of 1050 degrees Celsius, and operating time up to 10.000h, the average time suggested stops is 435 hours. As for a tube that runs between 10,000 hours and 20,000 hours, the average time suggested is 370 hours. The estimated time between decoking the charts should be used as a complementary tool to the operator control, and not as the sole measure of the process.

Key words: carburization, pyrolysis, life of equipments.


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