Potential to capture rainwater for supply: The case of the city of Belém (Pará State, Brazil)

Rafael Almeida Flores, Ronaldo Lopes Rodrigues Mendes, Dênio Ramam Carvalho de Oliveira, Tony Carlos Dias da Costa, Nircele da Silva Leal Veloso


Despite the wealth of water resources in the Amazon region, the city of Belém is highly deficient in public water supply. Usage of rainwater has potential to be an alternative in the region. This study aims to defi ne the potential for domestic use of rainwater in the city of Belém. The method is based on quantifying the rainfall and the water demand in the city, as well as identifying statistically defi ned catchment areas. The average monthly rainfall varies from 111 to 450 mm. Water consumption is estimated between 222 and 260 liters/person/day. The roof areas considered range from 35 to 550 m2. The results demonstrate that at least 18% of the population (about 200.000 people) and at most 37% (about 420.000 people) could be supplied with rain water. Therefore, rainwater has the potential to remedy the shortage of supply of the city of Belém.

Key words: rainwater, water supply, Belém, Amazon.

DOI: https://doi.org/10.4013/3373

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