A definition of moral dilemmas in bioethics

Bianca Lima da Silva Andrade (Unisinos)


Bioethics is a growing field in practical philosophy and seems urgent to talk about it when it comes to decision-making. This work aims to describe the basic logical aspect of a dilemma and explore how this concept would apply in bioethics. The intention of this work is to present an idea of what bioethical dilemmas are and analyze if the work we have in moral dilemmas so far in philosophy is enough to help us describe and solve real dilemmas. This work will be divided into three main parts. The first one will describe simplified dilemmas, the second one will discuss amplified dilemmas and moral mathematics and the third will describe bioethical dilemmas. To build this article I made research using tools such as books – physical and on line, articles on line and Stanford research basis. I concluded that the work we have so far concerning moral dilemmas and bioethics is not enough to describe or solve bioethical dilemmas and there is still much work to be done.

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