Vol 16, No 2 (2019)


Table of Contents


PRESENTATION PDF (Português (Brasil))
Ivan Garrido, Roberto Decourt 172-172


Impact of overconfidence on capital structure: evidence in Brazil and the United States PDF (Português (Brasil))
Ingrid Laís de Sena Costa, Thamirys de Sousa Correia, Wenner Glaucio Lopes Lucena 173-199
Operational audit with the use of Activity-Based Management (ABM) in public organizations: proposal of a method PDF (Português (Brasil))
Sidnei de Moura Lisboa, Amarolinda Zanela Klein, Marcos Antonio de Souza 200-234
Relationship between the Use of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) and Academic Aspects: Perceptions from Brazilian Accounting Students PDF
Vitor Hideo Nasu 235-255
The challenges of innovation governance in the most innovative companies of the south of Brazil PDF (Português (Brasil))
Tamiris Giacomelli Dinkowski, Luís Carlos Pertile 256-288
The influence of institutional environment in the execution of complex projects for accessing the base of the pyramid: a case study of brazilian utilities services organizations PDF
Flavio Jorge Freire D Andrade Battistuzzo, Mario Henrique Ogasavara, Marcos Piscopo 289-326
The work of small businessmanager: an investigation by etnomethodology PDF (Português (Brasil))
Daniela Rosim, Edmundo Escrivão Filho, Marcelo Seido Nagano 327-362

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