Vol 13, No 4 (2016)


Table of Contents


Presentation PDF (Português (Brasil))
Roberto Frota Decourt, Ivan Lapuente Garrido 264


Internet banking capabilities and performance of small business: The IT business value from the perspective of external capabilities PDF
Deyvison de Lima Oliveira, Fabio Augusto Lipke, Sidnei R. F. Silva 265-278
The influence of the cluster resources in the innovative performance of the textile companies PDF (Português (Brasil))
Vanessa Edy Dagnoni Mondini, Mohamed Amal, Giancarlo Gomes 279-293
The effect of oriented productive microcredit in Brazil: Incentive to default? PDF (Português (Brasil))
Wandnéia da Penha Magdalon, Bruno Funchal 294-308
How Brazilian managers take their decisions on cost of capital? PDF (Português (Brasil))
Anderson L. S. Campos, Michele Nascimento Jucá, Wilson T. Nakamura 309-330
Cost of equity and earnings transparency in the Brazilian capital market PDF (Português (Brasil))
Filipe Coelho de Lima Duarte, Raul Ventura Júnior, Orleans Silva Martins 331-344
Organizational change implementation: An artifact proposal from an application in an immunobiological institution PDF (Português (Brasil))
Priscila Ferraz Soares, Christina Figueira Menezes Cerqueira, Daniel Pacheco Lacerda 345-362

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