Cooking like a chef... Coproduction and the personal values of clients of a fast casual restaurant

Aline de Souza Freire, Irene Raguenet Troccoli, Marcio Moutinho Abdalla


This qualitative article identifies the personal values ​​of consumers that are fulfilled when a fast casual restaurant is chosen that allows the client to participate in the preparation of the dishes, adding this identification to the principles of coproduction and the cocreation of value between these clients and the provider. Concerning personal success, "achievement" was the most outstanding personal value. Value creation was evidenced by the brand's efforts to build a unique relationship with the client, based on the coproduction of the dishes. Coproduction made the consumer feel like a chef, with his participation in the preparation of the dishes "empowering" and taking him to an experiential level, related much more to the customer experience and the feeling of cooking rather than the service itself and the dish consumed. The academic contribution comes from linking the theory of value creation in services to personal values. This research is original in that it adds clients´ personal values ​​to the principles of value coproduction and cocreation between them and the service provider, something unprecedented in the Brazilian Administration literature until when this research was carried out.


Personal values; Coproduction; Means-End Theory; Laddering

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