Dimensions of governance: a comparative study of the clusters of stones, gems and jewels from Pará and Rio Grande do Sul

Paula Karina Salume, Liliane de Oliveira Guimarães


Studies have shown that in clusters the geographical proximity of firms is not sufficient to determine the region’s growth. The literature has pointed to the need for coordination mechanisms that enable the articulation of inter-firms and collective efficiency. In this sense, the objective of the present work was to analyze and compare elements of governance, from the micro-governance perspective, in the clusters of stones, gems, and jewels of the states of Pará and Rio Grande do Sul. The research was based on a multiple case study, with 23 interviews with relevant actors from the localities, together with the documentary analysis. The data processing phase was based on the use of content analysis techniques. Although the cases investigated were located in opposite regions of the country, many similarities were found in the governance of the two clusters, especially in the first years of their existence. In both, the natural resources and specialized labor were conditions for the formation and evolution of the clusters, as well as the performance of the public and private support institutions. Cooperation played an important role in the emergence of the clusters, but it has been cooling down over the time, associated with a decline in trust and a diffuse role of coordination, which seems to have been unable to clearly indicate the course of the clusters. Subgroup formation was also observed as if they were spin-offs of the clusters, which seems to have been a consequence of the difficulty of setting goals and achieving new and significant results in a collective way over the time.

Keywords: governance, clusters, gems and jewels.

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