Evidentiation of maturity levels on creating shared value in Brazilian companies from the Porter and Kramer approach

Mônica Pereira da Silva, José Francisco de Carvalho Rezende


This study presents a proposal of categorization of stages of maturity in the driving capabilities of Shared Value Creation (SVC) according to Porter and Kramer (2006). The research and the resulting modeling adopted as a field the Brazilian companies listed among the 100 Best and Largest of the Exame Magazine, of July/2016 edition. From the selection for convenience, the parameter net sale was adopted to choose the company representative of each of the 16 economic segments listed. Documents were collected at the institutional sites and the data processed following guidelines of the SVC model. The analysis was carried out from Capabilities Maturity Checker for SVC, similar to the various applications of the Capability Maturity Model (CMM) concept. The highest concentration of companies was registered for Level 2 and Level 3 of the maturity of SVC capabilities from characteristic patterns, such as firm intention to fulfill their social role and concern with the social and environmental impacts generated by their business models. However, such companies do not point to the creation of shared value as a strategic orientation. The characterization of the companies classified in levels 4 and 5 runs through the choice of social issues for the strategic intervention aligned to its core business, the involvement of internal and external stakeholders in the sharing of value and through the systematic measurement of the creation of shared value.

Keywords: strategy, shared value creation, maturity, categorization, capability maturity model.

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