Factors influencing the implementation of the strategy in a non-profit university

Djeison Siedschalg, Sidnei Vieira Marinho


The aim of this research is to identify the factors that influence the implementation of the strategy in a university, which have undergone significant changes, in view of the increasing competitiveness in the sector and of the intense process of regulation by educational policies. The research of mixed-method was conduct simultaneously on two research fronts: in-depth interviews with senior management and questionnaires with 123 managers who participate in the strategic process. Data were analyzed based on content analysis and measures of central tendency analysis. The study shows, on the one hand, three main variables of influence in the implementation of the strategy: people, processes and resources. On the other hand, the strategic alignment measurement showed that all the implementation variables had influence in the process, showing that the model used, until then tested in organizations of other segments, is relevant for a university. The disagreement in the vertical alignment constructs confirmed by the influence categories in the implementation of the strategy (people and processes) presented in this study, especially regarding the involvement of people in the process. In the horizontal alignment, the lack of periodic review of processes independently of problems has been identified, as well as to ensure the achievement of strategic goals. In this way, this study broadens the knowledge about the factors that influence the process of the alignment and implementation of the strategy, especially in management variables not related to the political model in the decision process of a non-profit university.

Keywords: implementation of the strategy, strategic alignment, universities.

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