Pleasure and pain in determining hospital work: An analysis in the light of the work psychodynamic theory

Alini da Silva, Michelle Gonçalves, Vinícius Costa da Silva Zonatto


The study investigates the determinants of pleasure (gratification and freedom) and suffering (burnout and insecurity) in the context of hospital work. Descriptive research was carried out through a case study and quantitative approach in a hospital of high complexity, with a sample of 184 employees who work in three organizational areas: support; Administration and nursing. Using the techniques of analysis of canonical correlation and entropy of information, it was verified that the gender, time of action in the institution and level of schooling have a significant relation with the feelings of pleasure (freedom) and suffering (wear and tear) of workers in Your work environment. When analyzing the determinants of pleasure and suffering of the professionals according to the areas of performance, it was observed that for the professionals of nursing and support the pleasure was determined by the admiration that they have of the work and the suffering was determined by the threat and insecurity of resignation. As for the workers in the administrative area, the pleasure was determined by the compatibility of their objectives with the work and the suffering determined by the pressure at work. Finally, it is inferred that in the hospital environment, administrative professionals have different characteristics that impact on the feeling of pleasure and suffering, in comparison with other professionals who perform their activities in nursing and support areas, for example.

Keywords: behavioral accounting, pleasure and pain, psychodynamics of work.


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