Operational risks as mediator factor between international purchases and performance

Roberto Giro Moori, Patricia Andrade Ferreira


The international purchasing managers face enormous challenges to achieve the enterprises purchasing performances goals due to operational risks such as greater distances from supplies resources, longer cycle services requests and reduced ability of the operational control. In this direction, this study aimed to verify how operational risks influences the relationship between international purchases and purchasing performance under the point of view of managers in the energy and electroelectronics companies located in Brazil. For this, a descriptive research of quantitative type was carried out. The research, preceded by exploratory study and pre-testing of questionnaire, used a sample of managers composed of 149 respondents. The data collected, after purification by exploratory factor analysis, were treated by the technique of linear regression and structural equation modeling. The result showed there is no evidence, at statistical significance level (α ≤ 0.05), that operational risk has mediating effect on the international purchases and performance relationship. This result evidenced that operational risk was a relevant element to the managers but without direct influence on the relationship between international purchasing and its performance, suggesting that the operational risks were intrinsic to the management of the international purchasing to attend the performance.

Keywords: operational risks, global supply chain, international purchase, purchasing performance.

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