International performance: a multi-faceted measurement model

Ivan Lapuente Garrido, Alexandre Pereira, Silvio Luis de Vasconcellos, Cláudio Reis Gonçalo, Cyntia Vilasboas Calixto, Jefferson Marlon Monticelli


The way in which the international performance has been measured is pointed out as one of the causes of the controversial results in research on internationalization. Among the gaps related to the field are the absence of a unified scale, the concentration of studies in developed countries, the problems with statistical validation, the absence of a cross-cultural approach, sample from different industries, and the weak relationship between the determinants and the indicators of performance. This study proposes a model to measure international performance that contributes to reduce some of these gaps. The proposed model was tested with 190 Brazilian companies. It has been used exploratory and confirmatory factor analysis and structural modeling equation to evaluate the data and the model. The final model presents a multifaceted view of international performance, suggests new dimensions of measures, such as marketing, relational, and domestic market, and is useful in different environments and situations.

Keywords: international performance, dimensions of performance, EXPERF.


Desempenho Internacional; Performance Internacional; Internacionalização; Dimensões de Desempenho; EXPERF

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