The impact of employees’ perceptions and attitudes on productivity and quality in manufacturing firms

Bruno Henrique Rocha Fernandes, Luis Gabriel Abravanel Santos, Rosemeri Rosalin Paulin, Jucelia Appio Tibola


This study aims to analyze the relationship between the employee’s attitudes and perceptions and the organizational performance in terms of quality and productivity in manufacturing firms. The theoretical basis comes from Resource Based View (RBV) and discussions on High Performance Working Systems (HPWS) which investigated how human resources (HR) practices influence organizational performance. A survey was applied to eleven manufacturing companies with HPWS practices in the south of Brazil and received 294 questionnaires back. Hypotheses relating the constructs of attitude and perception variables with the variables quality and productivity were constructed. The results showed that both attitudes and perceptions affected organizational quality and perception. A negative perception of the work regarding support is inversely related to productivity and an attitude of commitment towards the business is directly correlated with productivity. A negative perception of the work regarding pressure is inversely proportional to the quality and an attitude of pride in the company is directly correlated with quality. However, the explained variance in the regression was low, suggesting that other variables mediate this relationship. Attitudes and perceptions have impact on quality and productivity but other organizational factors like processes and technologies adopted by the firms besides HPWS themselves are relevant, reinforcing RBV assumptions that organizational performance are linked to a set of coordinated resources all together, and not individual resources individually considered.

Key words: attitude, perception, quality, productivity, organizational performance, HPWS.


HPWS, Atitude, Percepção, Desempenho Organizacional

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